Our Story

It is a long established fact that a reade.

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Good things happen when people can move, whether across town or towards their dreams. Opportunities appear, open up, become reality. Emerging technologies are accelerating the shift from authoritative centralized institutions to networks driven by peer-to-peer collaboration.

At kimbosabe we are developing the next generation platform which one can use to get anything, anytime and anywhere just with a single touch.


Why PTE Academic ?

There was a clear need for funding, to develop the platform which would complement blockchain and we at kimbosabe believe that we should be able to make our capital funding possible with the set of skills we kimbosabes have earned over a period of time.

After all, the platform would be able to help every individual with any skills earn a living. We wanted to try this first-hand ourselves.

We felt there was a clear need for quality teaching for PTE academic/IELTS exam, we at kimbsoabe strongly believed that by following an alternative method of teaching unlike the traditional methods we very well can help potential aspirants to get the desired scores.

This worked very well for us and our students, most of the students we encounter do speak reasonably good English and they do not need the traditional English teaching which they have received during their schooling.

We started by taking only 20 students/month and with 3 trainers, the people who joined us were from across the world from different ethnic backgrounds and disciplines. We understood that we don’t need to train these folks on the basics of English but help them understand the language and the exam.

We thank every one our students for choosing us and believing in our honestly, and we are very proud to have helped our students achieve their desired scores.

Today we limit ourselves to take 50 students a month with brilliant trainers who have helped us continue our contribution.


Our teaching method

It all started when we found our very own friends and known folks finding it very hard to score 79+ in PTE Academic, we took time to understand the various factors which could be the potential reasons why a larger crowd who speaks good English find it very difficult to get desired scores.

After a lot of research, we set out to create straightforward yet easy simple set of techniques which can help get 79+.

Today, after 1 year of rapid expansion in PTE academic training we are very proud to have helped 3000+ students across the world to get their desired scores.


Unlimited Training – Unlimited Support

To enter into a market where long-established institutions have commanded the market of English language training we sought out to make courses which are undeniably valuable and something which provides a one-stop solution.

Most of the aspirants we spoke with had written PTE Academic/IELTS far to many times, what surprised us even more, was when we learned that most of the aspirants had signed up with multiple training institutes over a period of time but was unable to get the scores.

This compelled us to find legitimate yet alternative teaching methods, We do not teach our students the basics of English. We as well only accept students who clearly understand this.

Today our courses provide unlimited training, as we believe in a one-stop solution which is to help students achieve their desired results.

FOREIGN Students

“Education is a necessity, not a privilage”

Neshok Sehar, Co-Founder

Who We Are

Today we offer courses which cater to different skilled people from different ethnic backgrounds & cultures.

Kimbosabe now has prodigious Trainers with incredible experience who teach students around the world 24/7.

At Kimbosabe, we made sure we provide classes 24/7 which simply enables our esteemed clients to schedule one-on-one classes at their preferred time slot’s.

We are here with great enthusiasm to teach you and help you achieve your desired scores.

We started to teach PTE Academic

It all started when we understood the complexity and when listening to the stories of people unable to get their desired scores in PTE Academic | IELTS.

We put together a few youtube videos to help people with the tips and techniques. It then occurred to us that the videos were able to deliver the Tips & Techniques to get a score of 79+

Few of our customer’s requested for the personal touch of one-on-one teaching which was highly needed by our viewers, we started personal training.

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